Join Whatever the Weather

Please feel welcome to join Whatever the Weather. You can inform me of your interest by e-mailing me via encounter(a)whatevertheweather(.)nl.

I invite you to let me know why you would like to experience a meaningful meeting, and how you learnt about Whatever the Weather.

Within a few days, I will send you a reply with more information, that will serve you to carefully decide whether you definitely want to participate.

When we meet, we will do so at 9 in the morning on the day we agreed. We will spend the entire day in each other's company, and say goodbye again at 5 PM.

Following the name of the project, we will not postpone our meeting in case of bad weather.

Participation is open to people from 18 years of age onwards. I would like to work with a great variety of people.

It is not a good idea to join if you take this message for a lonely heart ad, or the meeting for a therapeutic session.

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