144 encounters

Welcome. Everybody.

That inclusive thought has been at he basis for this project. With all of the 144 peope you meet on this page, I spent an entire day on the beach, from 9 AM until 5 PM. During all seasons and under all weather circumstances, unconditional to what we would experience.

All photographs are self-portraits, taken by the person in the picture - using a remote control and a fixed camera configuration. At 4 PM on the South Pier of Scheveningen, at eye-level and 1m05 distance from the camera. In westly direction against the background of the horizon. With bare shoulders, no make up or visible decorations and, as a guidance, only the invitation to relax body, mind and face.

Every encounter started at 9 at the water pump near the end of tramline 12. Following a check-in, we crossed the dunes to make it to the South Beach. We spent the day there, aiming to arrive at the South Pier by 4 PM to take the portrait. From there, we walked back to the pump to check-out and say goodbye.

When you look at these portraits, please do so from curiosity. You will receive the same amount of judgement or love as you give to the portraits. Certainly, you are looking at the other. But your view is reflected so you also see back onto yourself, and forward into infinity. What you see there, is your own world view. I hope you will enjoy it.

In real life

Are you curious to meet the portraits in print and in real size, please read more about the forthcoming book, or join one of the meetings where I will tell about Whatever the Weather.

About the book

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