Whatever the Weather - Book

Whatever the Weather will be my third book. Following the booklet summarising my experience of travelling through all EU-member states for one year (2007/2008, book: 2009). And following NEW HORIZONS that was published in 2014.

750 x NEW HORIZONS at Gemeentemuseum The Hague, 4 December 2014 / photo: Carel Fransen, The Eriskay Connection.

There is a lot about this new book that I do not know yet. What it will look like. When it will be published or what it will cost. What I do know is what it aims to become, and how I would like to allow it into existence. Which is: in such a way that it, as good as a book can do and hopefully even better:

  • inspires and keeps inspiring meaningful meetings, and makes this invitation widely, broadly and deeply recognisable and accessible;

  • radiates a self-evident atmosphere of tranquillity, space and undivided attention;

  • shines a loving light on all participants, project partners and everybody involved or even uninvolved (summarised: contributes to world peace);

  • realises itself following its own nature, like a flower that grows towards the sun. And in this way grows souvereignly into itself. Improbable, yet self-evident;

  • is financed abundantly and elegantly in its first print run of 432 numbered copies;

  • is allowed to cost what it takes.

Along with that, I would obviously be happy to see Whatever the Weather, like its predecessor, win awards and be adopted by museum collections across the globe. Be given and received at special occasions.

I am happy to introduce the people with whom I am working on this book: photo retoucher Sipke Visser, lithographer Sebastiaan Hanekroot, designer Sybren Kuiper, book binder Wytze Fopma en printer Arie Lenoir. All of whom are also participants in this project, and will be on display in the book.

Sharing adventures

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